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10 Things I learned about ending breastfeeding

By: Courtney Hunter, Lethbridge Community Director While I don’t profess to be an expert in breastfeeding, nor do I have an opinion on what is right or wrong for each mama, my experience and my choice was to breast feed my son. In the lead up to and as we passed my son’s first birthday […]

{Series} Parenting Quiz Part 5: What kind of mom are you?

By: Naomi Maharaj Think you have this parenting thing down to a science? You handle messes, tiffs, and tears without a bat of an eyelash? Or are you constantly second guessing yourself? Reading parenting books and trying to decide what parenting style you want to implement? Take this parenting quiz (part 5 of 6) to […]

Fitness for Mamas: Your Postnatal Body

By: Emily Fee I don’t know how I feel about this photo. I would be surprised if you hadn’t seen the recent photo below of Maria M. Kang on Facebook. She looks amazing for a mom, well for any normal human being for that matter! I’m not going to lie; I still don’t know how […]

Natural Medicine Postpartum Care for New Mamas

By: Kali MacIsaac, HBSc, ND Ten Perfect Fingers, Ten Perfect Toes Being handed your brand new baby after many months of anticipation is unlike anything you’ve been through before.  You count ten perfect fingers, ten perfect toes and exhale – finally you meet face to face!  With new priorities, you’ll be rearranging your life to take […]

Can I Give my Baby Peanuts?

By: Kristen Yarker, MSc, Dietitian I love seeing Mamas’ faces when I share with them this recommendation based on the current scientific research about introducing their babies to solid foods: “From an allergy point-of-view, starting at about 6 months old, go ahead and introduce your baby to any foods that your family eats.” Their faces […]

Tips for Feeding Baby at the Dinner Table

By: Lianne Phillipson-Webb Your baby is about six months old and ready to join you and the rest of the family at the dinner table. What food do you serve? How do you incorporate baby and her needs into the family routine? Here is how to perfect that transition toward fun family meals for everyone. […]

World Prematurity Day 2013

Canadian Premature Babies Foundation lights up the country in purple for World Prematurity Day On November 17th, the Canadian Premature Babies Foundation (CPBF) through its network of parent partners will light up Canadian landmarks in purple for World Prematurity Day in honour of all prematurely born babies. Its goal is to raise awareness for pre-term births and associated […]

The Benefits of Teething

By: Amber Clouthier All too often as a new parent I find that I get caught up in a web of negativity. Why ISN’T my son sleeping through the night? Why WON’T he eat this unappetizing but apparently nutritious baby food? Why CAN’T my ten month old conjugate Latin verbs with his right hand while composing Elizabethan sonnets […]

Maternity Leave | Six Weeks vs One Year

By: Emily Fee The day Colette turned 6 weeks old, I turned to my husband and said “It’s so crazy how much she’s grown in such a short amount of time”, to which he responded “You want to know what is really crazy, if you still taught in the Bronx your maternity leave would be finished.” He was […]

5 Postpartum Symptoms I Wish I Knew About Before Baby Arrived

  By: Daina Sparling They tell you that after the birth of your child you’re going to start feeling normal again, eventually.  But what they (whoever ‘they’ is) don’t tell you is you will feel anything but normal during the postpartum period. Lasting anywhere from 1 month to a few years, postpartum symptoms are nothing […]

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