Childcare + Preschools Guide 2017

Welcome to the Childcare + Preschools Guide. We have put together the very best of articles, tips, and ideas for childcare, daycare, preschools and activities for the 0-5-year-old age group.

Everything you need to prepare for that new phase of leaving your little one while you work, or starting preschool, or having them experience a new skill, we want to be there to help guide you. We have put together some great resources to do so.

Childcare Preschool Guide

Information Articles

Types of Preschools and How to Choose

An article detailing the various types of preschools available, the different methodologies used. As well as a guide on how to choose a preschool that works best and what to consider.

How to Deal with Separation Anxiety

A guide on dealing with letting the little ones go to daycare, childcare, or preschool and tips to make that transition a little easier.

When is a Good Time to Start Activities?

If you are considering a number of activities and classes for your toddlers and preschoolers, but not sure if they are ready or if it’s too soon, this post will help.

Starting Daycare and Wondering What to Pack?

A set of tips on being prepared for a day away from home and ensuring your little one(s) have everything they need for the day, when you are not there.

The Best Healthy Snacks for Toddlers

Nutritious and easy ideas for snacks for after school or daycare, pre-dinner ideas that won’t take you too long to put together.

Budgeting for Preschool Ages

This phase of life includes things such as preschool, but also other activities, etc. So we need to consider the financial impact and how to prepare.


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