Make Your Family’s Back-to-School Lunches Even Healthier With COBS Bread!

Now that school has started back up again many of us are already beginning to struggle with ideas for sneaking better food choices into our kids lunches that they will actually eat. The dreaded half eaten lunches are already coming back in their bags and it has only been a week. Thankfully we have found some simple ways to make your family’s back-to-school lunches even healthier with COBS Bread! This year COBS Bread has a few great breads that are perfect for your back-to-school lunch ideas no matter what preferences anyone in your family might have. Don’t forget that this year is also their 4th annual #StartMeUpCOBS campaign and they have a goal they need help reaching that I also can’t wait to tell you all about! 

COBS Bread

If you have picky kids; trying to get anything but bleached white bread into them can be tricky. This year COBS Bread knew just how to sneak all that healthy goodness into a variety of new white breads perfect for those picky eaters. Both of these breads are ideal for your families health, which will leave you feeling good about what your kids are eating. Especially when those lunch bags start coming home completely empty thanks to a simple switch.

COBS Bread

Their chia seed white bread is perfect for the smaller eaters as I find it is super nice and light. It has a lovely taste and the bread itself is perfectly soft and bouncy to the touch. The added chia seeds throughout add a great texture addition as they pop in your mouth. I especially love this bread untoasted because of its beautiful fluffiness, and my children agree.

COBS Bread

For those kids you just can’t seem to stop eating their white High Fibre bread is just what you need. This bread is super filling (thanks to them adding 4 times the fibre ) making it perfect for my husband during a long work day and ideal for my eldest son who is always famished. Its flavor is great and no one even knows the bread has extra fibre in it. Being able to make my families sandwich favorites even better for them without any fights is a heaven send.

COBS Bread

Of course both of these breads are also available in whole wheat for those of us who prefer it. With their wide selection you are bound to find a few great ways to add some extra healthy benefits to your lunch. COBS also gives you great options for entertaining, definitely make sure you take advantage and don’t forget about snagging some treats like their Raspberry Custard Teatime. It is so good and perfect with any tea and your favorite mom friends; after all you deserve a treat too!

While you are inside COBS buying yourself some of those sneaky healthy breads make sure you take the time to donate (between Sept 15th – 17th) to their 4th annual “Start me Up” fundraiser helping: Breakfast Club of Canada. Each loaf of bread sold within this time will equal $1 donated to this incredible program that helps feed 303,852 students everyday (1,800 in B.C. alone)! Since 1 in 5 kids in Canada don’t get breakfast programs like these are essential for ensuring our kids get what they need to learn at their best! Last year they managed to raise $100,000 and this year they have a goal of $150,000 and they need our help. When you do get in there make sure to take the time to spread the word to your friends using the #StartmeupCOBS hashtag.

So make sure to make a difference in your families health with these great new breads, while making a difference in many other children’s lives all across Canada.

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